Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Redeployment of Workers and Resources - Bishop Albert Vun

When I became the bishop in 2006 we were very short of experienced clergy and pastors – because of retirement, migration and a few resignations. I have to do what I can with what the Lord had given me. So I placed the best leaders we had to look after the all the main centres. But now, a new generation of clergy and pastors are coming back from training. We are now in a better position to lead and look after all our churches. In any transfer there are pros and cons. Our primary concern must be for the good and growth of our Diocese and our churches, and secondly, to look after the development of all our workers – and in that order. All our full-time workers must realize that we have to make sacrifices for the sake of the church. My role is to place the most suitable workers in the churches or mission districts that will bring about the best growth in spiritual maturity and numbers. I sense that at the turn of the new year 2010, we are entering a new season for our Diocese. We will be focusing more on training, on development of small town churches, on further strengthening of our interior churches toward self-supporting status, on further building up of the quality/competency of all our clergy and pastors, on strengthening the networking of our churches, and further expansion of our churches and mission work. With your willing spirit to serve, strong commitment and obedience, I believe that this redeployment of workers will impact the Diocese positively. The following are my observations in any transfer:

• The churches benefit from the different gifts of the different pastors.

• The Diocese benefits because members from different areas feel more “belonging”
when they move to another Anglican church in another town because they know more pastors and they know of a clergy in the town they move to.

• The local churches experience a renewal of leadership.

• The workers acquire a wider vision of ministry – rather than just be concerned for one church/town.

• The workers will also grow in their leadership because they move on and are exposed to different challenges.

• Collectively, we raise up workers who are resilient and strong in endurance.

• Some clergy/pastors may not be able to “lead a Church” and would be more suited to serve in a team environment. We may discover this only after the person has served a period in a particular posting.

• Some clergy may be posted because of strategic development of certain areas of ministry that need a particular kind of leadership.

• A core group of senior leaders will be developed who have a wide experience of leadership and ministry, who will be confident to lead the Diocese and the Province in the future. Indirectly, we prepare for succession of leadership in our Diocese.

The cons are that if the church has a large vision, there is a need for longer continuity of leadership to fulfil the vision. And a change of pastors obviously requires the congregations to get to know the new pastors.
Therefore, I must balance the pros and cons. Only when there is a net gain do I consider the transfer. I am also trusting (taking a risk) in putting some of our younger clergy/ pastors in charge of churches which will help them to rise up in their leadership. I am asking all our churches to receive their new priests/pastors with gratitude and welcome. I am taking steps to “rearrange” some of our churches’ boundaries so that all churches, schools and special ministries are better looked after and the boundaries are clearer.

Rev Jeremiah Liew - Semporna/Kunak (from June 2010)
Rev Lin Khee Vun - FCC/Theological Upgrading
Canon Chak Sen Fen - St Michael's/St Gabriel's/St Michael's School/Seguntur
Archdeacon John Yeo - St Patrick's/BSI School/Apas/Lamb of God/Nunukan & Semenggaris
Archdeacon Moses Chin - Christ Church/St Agnes'/ARK/Diocesan Rep to STS
Rev Clarence Fu - St Luke's Telupid (assists Bishop Melter)
Rev Lim Chin Liang - St Stephen's & St Stephen's School
Rev Chin Pit Vun - Good Shepherd/St Monica's/Sibuga School
Rev David Wong - Good Tidings'/St Patrick's schools' Chaplain/Kindergarten
Rev Lau Ay Kuen - Papar/Habismadin assisting - till June 2010
Rev Clarence Chin - Tarakan/Kalimantan
Ps Sim Shiu Kee - Labuan - Holy Saviour (In-Charge)
Rev David Thien - Labuan (assists Ps Shiu Kee)
Rev Victor Leong - St Patrick's (assists AD John Yeo)
Rev Daniu Tawai - St Augustine's Mission District
Ps Rojie Songkia - Kunak Anglican Church
Rev Jeniol Tuaty - St Andrew's Beluran (assists Rev Arun Kuak)
Rev Aaron Chang - Putatan, Logos Anglican Church/Papar from June 2010
Rev Anderias Banabas - St Philip's (Supervised by Bishop Albert Vun)
Rev Johnny Mailuhu - Tuaran & Kota Belud
Ps Flora Chong - Diocesan Intercessor Coordinator
Ps Ivy Long - Christ Church (assists AD Moses Chin)
Ps Lydia Chang - Bishop's Chaplain/Diocesan Training
Ps Chong Fui Yun - Bishop's Chaplain/Diocesan Training

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